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    E3 SWRUL

    E3 Water's Technology is designed to be mobile or permanently placed.


    • Adaptable to most wasteWater sources
    • Disaster Relief/Refugee/Man Camps/Military...
    • Scalable, Portable or Permanent
    • Processes in hours verses months
    • Remotely Controlled/Monitored
    Nothing is grown, produced or manufactured without Water and it aects 100% of us and what we do.
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    The Mission

    The mission of E3 Water, LLC® is to dramatically increase the quantity and quality of Water by integrating innovative Water and wasteWatertreatment technologies into the global market.

    E3 Water’s Technology
    • E3's Technology is revolutionary and patented worldwide
    The World of wasteWater is changing.
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    E3 Water Services

    Our cost effective system can be used to treat wasteWater for/from:


    • Irrigation Water, Contaminated Surface Water
    • Food Processing, Agricultural and Industrial Operations
    • Towns, Cities and Hospitals
    • Ocean Vessels, Offshore Oil Platforms, and Mining Operstions
    • Cyber Security / Monitoring
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